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Charity warning over new telephone scam

The Oral Health Foundation is issuing advice for people calling its Dental Helpline service following an online telephone scam that tricks victims into being charged premium rates. The scam features a series of bogus telephone numbers that forward people to the Dental Helpline. While connected, fraudsters are then able to hit callers with highly inflated charges. These additional and illicit charges have been collected by criminals and not passed onto the charity.

The Oral Health Foundation would like to make clear that its Dental Helpline can only be called on its local rate Rugby telephone number: 01788 539 780.All other telephone numbers claiming to be the Oral Health Foundation’s Dental Helpline (including those beginning with 0845) are not genuine and could result in callers being faced with unsuspected charges.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the Oral Health Foundation, asks anybody seeking to contact the helpline to check the authenticity of the details beforehand. He says: “It is always best to check the validity of a helpline number before calling or signposting people towards it. This is especially true if it is about a person’s health.  In this case, their financial safety might be at risk too.”  

In January the Dental Helpline reached 400,000 enquiries.  The service is staffed by dental professionals and offers free advice about a range of dental health issues.

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