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Craig Swallow – safety of charity homeworkers encompasses both their physical and mental health.

Kelvin Plomer – poor mental health and the stigma associated with it are real and tangible.

Antonios Ilias – charities are missing out on how to leverage digital marketing to their advantage.

Please see this issue of Charities Management. We hope you find it useful for your work as either a charity trustee or senior charity executive, whether you are operating from home or what used to be your normal place of work. Please scroll right down to see all the contents list and publishing details of the magazine. Keep safe and well during coronavirus.

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Contents – No. 134 Autumn 2020

Page 1 – Working from home brings responsibilities for charities
Craig Swallow on the duty of care to workers based at home.

Page 2 – Charities entering into mortgages
Nathan Westcott on the position of trustees and mortgages.

Page 3 – Corporates working with mental health charities
Kelvin Plomer on an integrated corporate approach to charity partnerships.

Page 4 – Charities defending legacies against claims
Kate Parkinson and Lucinda Brown on when wills are challenged.

Page 5 – The urgent need to review property portfolios
Phil Winkles on charities and the properties they lease or own.

Page 6 – The imperative of implementing digital marketing
Antonios Ilias on the practicalities of charity digital marketing.

Page 7 – NEWS
Being wary of fraud during Covid; sharing sensitive website data.

No. 134 Autumn 2020
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